UPDATE: Doctors on Strike Alert Until Laws Take Effect

Doctors remain defiant despite having had all their demands dealt with this weak, with them keeping up their strike alert until the respective legislation takes effect, while the trade union LOZ attempts also to dislodge health minister Ivan Uhliarik from his post.

Antolska Hospital, Bratislava (c) Kelovy

The doctors’ trade union said it would only call off the strike alert once the legislation has been endorsed by President Ivan Gasparovic and promulgated in the digest of laws. The president signed the legislation today.

Yesterday the doctors’ trade union called on either the President or acting PM Iveta Radicova to recall Uhliarik as health minister, as he was not fit for the job. The President sees no real reason to dismiss the health minister, though, as there are only a few months left until the March 2012 elections.

In response to the trade union’s demand for Uhliarik’s head, PM Radicova turned the tables, calling on doctors to sack the heads of the trade union instead. She justifies this by how they have dealt with negotiations and also how they have represented themselves in public.

UPDATE: This afternoon the doctors trade union LOZ announced that it had now, finally, called off the strike alert.

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  1. I think you mean week, not weak ?

    ………..despite having had all their demands dealt with this weak

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