Dog Catchers in East Sell Dogs For Meat

A Caucasian shepherd dog was recently stolen and eaten by two teenagers (c) Pleple2000

The recurring issue of dog eating is getting attention again as some dog catchers in East Slovakia have been rounding up stray dogs then possibly selling them as meat to local deprived Roma communities.

An article in SME daily yesterday cites Romana Brezinova from the Kosice section of the Animal Liberty association, who says around 250 dogs were caught in Kosice and Presov regions over 2010 and 2011. The men were charging local mayors thousands of euros for eradicating the problem of stray dogs, but some of the dogs have ended up being sold for meat in Roma shanty settlements, says Jarmila Horvathova, head of the Regional Veterinary and Food Authority in Kosice.

The police launched an investigation into the case on 29 December 2011, which will also try to determine where the dogs ended up, because if dumped they could be a source of disease and contagion. So far nobody specific is being charged as the case is huge, with the police saying there are large numbers of reports to deal with and hundreds of people to interview.

There have also been many cases of individuals stealing and eating dogs in East Slovakia, as local poverty-stricken shanty settlements strive to survive anyway they can. Efforts are being made to educate local mayors, who are responsible for the problem, but who fail to deal with the problem effectively either due to lack of interest or finances.


  1. ……were charging mayors thousands of Euros………….. yeah of our money. If our local mayor is anything to go by money is no object. Having created all manner of new jobs for “friends” – we now have a full time town photographer! and then finding the cash running short he and his cronies just up the local taxes. No job cuts, no trimming of services, no economy drives – just charge more for the idle, incompetent, arrogant wasters with cushy non-jobs in the Town Hall who you can only complain about if you take a day off work and attend a monthly “surgery” in person and listen to their endless lies and excuses for not doing the jobs their paid for and then have your complaint totally ignored.
    On the up side – having found a market for the pooches suggests there is some business nounce in this country.

  2. Nothing like a good hot dog , to fill a hunger gap during the day .

    What never ceases to amaze me is the amount of money and time the Police are prepared to expand chasing the Roma ….yes they steal, we all know that, but it is peanuts compared to what nice whitey, educated, MP`s etc steal from the Taxpayer …and that is all just brushed under the carpet .

    God the coffee smells good today .

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