Don’t Forget, Clocks Go Back This Weekend

Don’t forget that clocks go back an hour overnight from Saturday to Sunday (officially at 0300 in the morning), meaning an extra hour sleep if you want it.

Daylight saving time is exactly that, moving clocks forward in the spring and then back again before the winter to make the most of natural daylight and so save energy. The initial idea comes from Benjamin Franklin in 1784, but it wasn’t introduced in most countries till the 1900s.

Daylight saving time was used in Slovakia between 1916-1918, then in 1940-1949, before being cancelled again for thirty years. It was reintroduced in 1979 and has been used here since.


  1. *I also gave up reading them as well …but just wondered where we were getting all these useful, current and leading edge news stories , that we were being encouraged to dig in our due to the Crises empty pockets and find a few coins donate ?

  2. Sorry, George old Boy.Gave up reading the Beano and Dandy 50 years ago so can not help you on that one.

  3. What was the source of that information then ? The words , pie,sky and a whooping great guess comes to mind .Perhaps you mean the totally uncensored ‘most’ News sources, I will find ?

    Do you know if the Beano and the Dandy had a daylight hours change report then?

  4. Anyone know the Beano or Dandy web address ?

    1. I think you will find that most news sources reported this. Some people appreciate it.

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