Drunk police officer shoots at man in Bratislava

Gun incidents and shootings are becoming a daily occurrence in Slovakia it seems, and even police officers are sometimes at the heart of it.

A 33-yr old off-duty policeman fired his service issue handgun at a man in Bratislava at the weekend, after the local resident had asked him not to park in the middle of the street. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

The targeted man then called the police, who arrived quickly to arrest the shooter at the scene and found that he had been driving totally drunk before stopping his car right in the middle of the road. The police registered an alcohol content of 3.4 per mille in the man’s blood, while a zero tolerance applies in Slovakia.

The drunk police officer has been discharged from service and is still in custody. Following the Bratislava shooting in Devinska Nova Ves this year, the interior ministry decided to equip police officers with semi-automatic rifles, so lets hope next time it doesn’t end up worse.

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