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Dublin Welcomes Slovak Cultural Week

Dublin will be host to Slovak Cultural Week after the event was officially opened on Friday in the presence of various officials from Ireland and Slovakia, including Slovak ambassador to Ireland, Roman Buzek and Dublin deputy mayor Eddie Wynne.

Slovak Centre - IrelandThe Slovak Cultural Week is organised by the Slovak Centre – Ireland, which is officially recognised and registered non-profit, politically independent, community organisation established in February 2007 by a group of Slovak volunteers in Ireland.

The focal point of Slovak Cultural Week is an exhibition of Slovak artists living in Ireland. There will be exhibitions from Ms. Lucia Blizniakova, Mr. Roman Burgan and members of the photography club Irsko.Fotoklub. Every evening during Slovak Cultural Week will offer the chance to get a genuine experience of true Slovakia and every visitor will get a chance to join in and share a piece of Slovakia in Ireland.

The event promotes Slovakia, its culture and gives an insight into the lives of some of the 25,000 Slovaks who now live in Ireland. Visitors can also enjoy some Slovak wines, watch a Slovak film (Tango with Mosquitos) a performance by a folklore group and much more.

The opening was also attended by head of the Office for Slovaks Living Abroad (USZZ), Milan Vetrak, Slovak Ambassador to Ireland, Roman Buzek, diplomats, community organisations and Editor-in-chief of Slovak in Ireland magazine Eva Kapicakova-Malakova.


  1. It looks like you’re pissed already Alec . If I throw a stick, do you beg or leave

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    1. Irelands Airline leaders all came from humble origins, O’Leary worked for Stokes Kennedy Crowley (later known as KPMG) and started his business life with a couple of newsagents ( Selling newspapers cigarettes sweets etc).
      Tony Ryan one of the founders of Ryanair, came from a simple family too, his father was a station master working for Irish Rail (C.I.E)
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  3. Ryanair are pretty awful to be frank. Once all the extras start mounting up they’re not actually all that cheap either. And the notion that they’ve opened up Europe is somewhat double-edged given that this partly means giving stag parties greater opportunity to piss in fountains or supply a year’s profits to dodgy strip-joints etc etc. Travelling with them is an endurance test – can I get from A to B in reasonable time and without losing my temper in the process?

    That said, if I look back at the real problems – lost luggage, delayed flights, out and out unpleasant service – my family, friends and I have had in travelling to and from the CR/SK over the years, none have involved Ryanair. In fact the worst episodes have been courtesy of CSA and Lufthansa.

    As for O’Leary, 99% of me finds him utterly repellant. The other part is at least glad he doesn’t try to kid you with the usual corporate speak. In fact, rather like Gerald Ratner telling people his jewellery was crap, he makes no secret of his vision of his planes as buses with wings or of his opinion that his customers are idiots.

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    Skyeurope a disaster waiting to happen, I was approached by the then Commercial Councillor at the Slovak embassy in Dublin to see if I could speak to travel agents in Dublin on their behalf. I did this for my good friend Boris only to be told that Sky made Ryan look like Richard Branson.
    I wonder how B.A Aerodrome would do without Mad Mick king of the leprechauns, cant see Micko handing over any of his gold in the guise of a bung, somehow I think his answer might be; F.R.O Fico, I bet he might have even written it on one of his aircraft..

  5. Sorry to prolong this thread, but there do not seem to be any budget airlines, other than Ryan Air, flying from Bratislava to London; or am I missing something,

    1. FYI …Skyeurope used to fly to both Luton and Stanstead until they went bust about two years a ago and Easyjet had a daily flight to Luton, until 3 year ago . You can go to London Stanstead or Heathrow on CSA via Prague . There were two other airlines interested in the London route, but they failed to give the correct bung to the Fico Administration . As London-Southend Airport ( one hour from the City of London ) has just updated the terminal and runway with lots of cash regional goodies to use it, I expect German Wings or another low cost airline to fly this route very soon .

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  7. Ryan air has given millions the opportunity to explore Europe, visit friends and commute weekly for work in other countries. It’s taken air travel to a new dimension. The business model is highly successful in a very competitive field.
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    2. Oh and by the way George Ireland was instrument for this method of travel between Europe and the New World, even if it was just a sod of grass posing as a fuel station.
      What made Ireland important during from the 1920’s to the 1960’s seems to be her downfall in today’s world.
      Nobody even believes in leprechauns anymore, actually,maybe Michael O’Leary is the “Last of the Leprechauns” and the airline is the crock of gold.
      There’s a conspiracy theory for ya George, Leprechaun plan world monopoly on air travel, fairies fear loss of wings.

      1. The Irish were always happy being considered a post to pee on and be third class citizens ….and nothing much has changed in the last 100 years I see then ?

        Perhaps it’s time you set a your laser printer to stun?

  8. Call me old fashioned if you like, but when I arrive at a airport I want to know a) that if a plane is cancelled, that the airline has made arrangements for me to get home on perhaps another airline, or will take care of me , not just tell me join a 200 people queue and leave perhaps another week …O,h and BTW I should be grateful as the fare was so cheap anyway. b) Or if I arrive with a cargo bay case and there is a baggage strike at the leaving or arriving airport; I can can go with hand luggage, but my 15 kilo case cannot and no arrangement can be made, to store it, or be sent on a later flight and delivered to me …I can have my case fee returned, or I just cannot fly at all …If I need to fly, all is left is that I just dump a full of personal items case in a bin, c) Land me at another Island airport in the middle of the Ocean, due to weather problems and leave me and my family pay and to make my own arrangements to get to real our holiday by taxi boat …then actually fly the plane I was on a few hours later to the real destination, to pick up passengers ????

    I have also heard rumours that Ryanair are looking to introduce a per passenger, per flight charge of around £2 to cover the cost of any future scratch card payouts. This is similar to the levy recently introduced to cover the cost of any potential future delays caused by a hypothetical natural disaster ……or perhaps it actually was a Fuel Charge ???

    Kinda makes you proud to be Irish eh ?

    1. Well then George I suggest you fly with an Airline that is not a “Budget Airline,” then you pay for all the frills. You just don’t get it George, you really don’t and this amuses me to no end.
      And you if in fact you are old fashioned, as you claim, then you would pay old fashioned fares like many of my friends who do not do “Low fares” and opt instead to pay a premium for premium service. All being equal, George you pay for what you get and the likes of O’Leary tell you this. Hey its cheap, take it or leave it.
      Disinters have provided Micko with millions of Euro’s worth of free advertising and media cover over the years, you keep fueling his fires with no surcharges.
      Is safety an issue when flying? if so Ryanair have not had one fatal event in its history! and have a excellent safety record. Put a price on that! Oh and for the record I am not a fan of Ryanair, why would i be when I have concessions with other airlines that fly close to BA, when I choose to fly Ryanair, I do so knowing exactly what it is and I accept it for what it is.

      1. Oh I get it, I think you are the one that does not …but then that is hardly surprising as you Moel believe owning a gun and shooting wild animals for ‘sport’ , is some kind of macho me image, save the planet thing, rather than plain murder by proxy of being a member to some club.

        Mick O’Paddy runs a great ‘ we dont give a sh**, as most people are idiots model ‘ …people fall for it …Being Cheap, does not mean you have to be bad at service, or try every trick to rip people off .

        The fact is, Ryanair has long term plans to dominate the EU market, they have created their own cartel . Firstly,by the illusion of cheap fares and we keep cost down etc …Other Airlines that tell the truth on their fares and that I would like used, are now fare priced out of airports and then the RA just do prices rises ….by fare or by adding the extra’s Rather than add to the competition of air fares between airlines , they actually price out the competition and take the choices away .

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        1. George seriously you need to read and understand what people write.
          I am a licensed fire arm holder in Ireland, but I shoot Olympic trap, DTL and sporting, all of which do not include live animals. I do not condone senseless killing of any animals.
          Ryanair are a long way from having a cartel, maybe some day in the distant future there may be a private cartel, who knows?
          George, there is no illusion paying £480.00 pounds in 1991 for a flight from Dublin to Barcelona and the price paid today, or almost a grand to fly to JFK from Dublin back then.
          Seriously George do you think that Ryanair will be the globalisation of air travel..

          Take it easy on the caffeine George, its bad for you!

          1. mmmm think again my little potato head …many people said the same about Microsoft, not dominating the world ….how many years ago was that ???

  9. It looks like you’re pissed already Alec . If I throw a stick, do you beg or leave?

    Kindly , enjoy the Ryanair checkin guantlet of hand baggage weighing, baggage sizing and the expensive smell of overpriced drinks and sandwiches and those force fed and you can never win scratch cards.

    1. George did you never fly back in the late eighties or early nineties when air fares were higher or you have just simply forgotten, ok one got an in-flight meal and a drink ( not free built into the price). One still had to pay for alcoholic and most soft drinks, other than that which came with ones meal, unless one knew the crew.
      Maybe I should write an article on air travel, or in fact George would be better suited to this as he/she does have the all attributes required for non mechanised flight.

  10. Wherever you are in life, that’s where you are.
    Another well written article Noel. Nothing like drinking a Murphy’s warm beer with the fishermen of Goleen or getting legless with a Vinter in Limbach. Fine beer , fine wine and new friends.We are all the richer for cross cultural exchange. Articles like this are sometimes a jolt to the memory. Often they inspire us to find out more. Right after this I’m getting straight on the Ryan air site to look for some good flight offers. Maintaining that childhood inquisitiveness is difficult as we mature, but sadly for many people they never had it, and will never know what they are missing.

    1. Thanks Alex.

  11. Say Moel, your the one everyone other than me believes is a literary genius .

    I’ve got a great ambition to die of utter exhaustion, rather than utter boredom.

  12. Huh ??? This is got be like the blind leading the blind .

    ……Visitors can also enjoy some Slovak wines, ( a vinegar tasting competition then ?) watch a Slovak film ( as seen by a huge audience of 50 people in 2 years ) …. a performance by a folklore group ( A bunch of lunatic former neo-socialists jumping around in frilly shirts in exactly the same fashion to every dance, saying Yip, Yip Yip ! ) and much more. (Oh goody , perhaps a demo of watching Moel playing with is 10 euro his helmet, or a local judge wearing blue ear muffs, pretending to shoot people ?)

    Exciting stuff ….What’s the next article then Moel ?…. 500 lines on trying to swallow your tongue?

    1. Maybe you can contribute something towards that. :-p

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