Dzurinda ready to send plane to Libya if necessary

After the government sent one of its own aircraft to hoist people out of the turmoil in Egypt on 3 February, it is now under pressure to do the same for Slovaks and others in troubled Libya.

So far the move is on hold, but the authorities say they are monitoring the deteriorating situation carefully and will take action if deemed necessary.

Mikulas Dzurinda (c) The Daily

Foreign minister Mikulas Dzurinda informed in Brussels today that the Slovak Embassy in Libya was on crisis alert and that the government would react promptly if necessary, just like in the case of Egypt. Dzurinda also expressed his concern about the rising number of deaths in the country.

The Libyan government under the guidance of its leader President Gaddafi has warned the European Union to keep its nose out of the internal affairs of Libya and not to promote pro-democratic protests, or otherwise co-operation in various areas would be frozen.

In response, Dzurinda said that he believed the EU and the rest of the free democratic world would not allow itself to be blackmailed when it came to basic human rights, adding that the Union would always stand on the side of freedom and the right of people everywhere to decide on their own future.

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