Dzurinda receives praise for Serbia’s EU ambitions

photo (c) The Daily

Foreign affairs minister Mikulas Dzurinda was in Belgrade on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week as an honorary speaker at a meeting of Serbian ambassadors. He had been invited by his Serbian counterpart, Vuk Jeremic.

At the meeting Dzurinda received praise for his and Slovakia’s efforts and support in moving Serbia’s EU accession aspirations forward.

In his address, Dzurinda pointed to the prevailing need for reforms in Serbia in respect of its EU integration ambitions, while noting the positive progress that had been made in EU-Serbian relations, especially in the past year.

Using the Visegrad Four as a model example, Dzurinda pointed to the need to establish similar co-operation among countries in south-east Europe. His agenda included a meeting with Serbian President Boris Tadic, and they both agreed on the importance of getting talks underway with Kosovo as soon as possible.

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