Dzurinda Steps Down But Not Out

Stepping down as party head, Mikulas Dzurinda (c) The

Founder and head of the SDKU-DS party, Mikulas Dzurinda, has decided not to run as chairman of the party at the next congress, and so in May his long reign as party head will come to an end.

Dzurinda’s decision came today after a party board meeting, with the terrible election result of just 6.09% and 11 seats in parliament being given as his reason. He reiterated earllier statements that he was glad that outgoing justice minister Lucia Zitnanska would be taking the baton over, and that he would give her his support.

Dzurinda, a hardened and resilient politician, is not saying farewell to politics quite yet, as he will continue in parliament as an MP, and surely  still one with far reaching influences. The same cannot be said of his party colleague PM Iveta Radicova, who will be heading to lecture in Oxford for a while. Her announced departure from politics and the SDKU candidate list after the government fell last year can also be blamed in part for the massive decline in voter support. According to recent reports, Dzurinda’s right-hand man, outgoing finance minister Ivan Miklos, may also flee the coop, possibly tempted by a lucrative offer abroad.

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