Dzurinda’s Contracts, Suspect or Above Board

One of the contracts that was concluded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the interim period between the change of power, which were exposed by the new foreign affairs minister Miroslav Lajcak, is starting to look increasingly suspicious.

The contract in question was signed two days before Robert Fico’s government was due to assume power, while the ministry was still under the thumb of Mikulas Dzurinda. The contract value was only EUR 48,000, but as reported by TheDaily yesterday, the subject of the contract was almost pointless, as it was for an analysis of how to deal with some buildings owned by Slovakia in Moscow.

Dzurinda still under suspicion (c) collage by Jan Sebik

Now daily Hospodarske Noviny has revealed that the company Black Swan that won the contract is in fact owned by the former head of investments with Penta financial group, Marek Ondrejka, which has come under the microscope over corrupt ties with politicians ever since the Gorilla reports were leaked.

Minister Lajcak is adamant that this points to how money was being wasted under Durinda’s short term of office at the ministry, but the service office head at the time, Martin Murska, denies any culpability because an analysis had been ordered and the tender was above board, as the company had submitted a lower bid than the other tenderer, KPMG.


  1. Beyond belief! JB why don’t you run a little competion:

    Slovakia owns a couple of buildings it doesn’t need in Moscow, what should the Govt. do with them?

    Answers on a postcard to the Editor.

    The most original and witty suggestion wins a bottle of wine and a cushy job as a Govt. advisor.

  2. Oh yawn , pot, kettle, black I say .

    Micky is a crook, always was, always will be .

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