E.ON Puts High-Efficiency Power Plant into Service

Yesterday, German energy concern E.ON held the inauguration ceremony for its new combined cycle plant in Malzenice near Trnava.

In addition to E.ON representative Jorgen Lildahl and E.ON Slovakia CEO Konrad Kreuzer, the ceremony was attended by economy minister Juraj Miskov and environment minister Jozsef Nagy.

CEO Kreuzer informed those present that the plant with an output of 3 billion kWh of electricity per year was constructed in 26 months at a cost of EUR 400 million.

The Malzenice plant uses a combined gas-steam cycle system, which is one the most efficient and ecological ways of generating electricity. the plant has an efficiency rating of 59%, making it one of the most efficient in Europe. It should produce enough electricity to cater for up to 900,000 households.

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