Earthquake 4.3 Hits North Hungary/South Slovakia

A 4.3 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 5km has hit the town of Érsekvadkert, 58km north of Budapest at 20:45 on Wednesday 5th June.

The quake was felt mainly in areas north of the town in Nógrád county and over the border in Slovakia. It is not yet clear what impact this may have on the rising flood waters of the nearby Danube River. There are some reports of people feeling the quake in the outskirts of Budapest.


  1. Damage ? God has plan to rid this land of milk and honey of these Slowvaks …

    Start building an ark son …………

    1. An Ark? Me, our lass, two cats, a couple of bears, brace of wolves, a pair of marmotts (nowt else worth saving!) – get em all on Ryan Air no problem!
      Plus, you can’t buy decent timber anywhere in this forested country because it all goes to Germany.

  2. Did it cause any damage? or can’t they tell?

    1. Around 100 buildings including a school and some houses suffered cracks and minor damage in the two Hungarian villages closest to the epicentre. Structural engineers have been assessing the damage to decide whether or not the buildings are safe to occupy. There don’t seem to be any reports of damage so far on the Slovakian side of the border.

      1. I guess the devil looks after his own, no ?

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