Economy minister wants to sell 100% in heating companies

Yesterday, economy minister Juraj Miskov made his opinion known that it would be best to sell off full 100% stakes in the six heating companies earmarked for privatisation.

Economy minister Miskov (c) The Daily

Miskov feels that there would be no problem with this and that it would generate a lot of money for the state. The final decision on what course to take in privatising the companies will be made by the government once the respective analysis is ready.

Prime Minister Iveta Radicova said recently that it would be best to deal with each company separately, which is why the analysis will be crucial to the final decision on whether to sell off 51% stakes or 100% stakes.

The plans of the government are contested by opposition party Smer-SD, which would like to see the companies retained by the state as strategic enterprises. Party leader Robert Fico is also saying people should get ready for significant price hikes with the arrival of strategic investors.

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