Education Minister: No More Part-Timers

Education minister Dusan Caplovic is moving forward with his planned upheaval of the school system, possibly with too much focus on the monetary aspects than the long-term impact on education, with part-time students among those who could be hit by some of the changes.

Education minister Dusan Caplovic (c) Pavol Freso

Caplovic wants to turn part-time students at college and university into distance study students instead, which means around 71,000 students could find their situation change already next year. According to daily Pravda, the plan has met with some criticism from the heads of private educational facilities, which rely a lot also on the part-time fees for their survival.

Caplovic wants to introduce the distance learning option also by utilising the possibilities offered by modern information technologies, so says he is committed to working with the academic community to revise legislation in this area.


  1. Going off topic again as for some reason we are not getting the real local news these days, well to than two off beat items a day

    …I note that some Slovak Ministry approved €25 million in aid for the Ružomberok-based paper mill Mondi SCP. And I guess stimuli is good in encouraging jobs in areas that have high unemployment , but I must question the stimulus for Mondi SCP, since it will not create any new jobs? Not bribe by any chance ?….My info is that this company runs the town, the town hall etc etc .

  2. It is rather like watching cattle chewing grass when reading Loghead …at the end of the entire cycle all you get is cow pats.

  3. George – Your trying to argue with a product of the Slovak educational system whose sole source of additional information is Wikepedia. Give up mate and ignore the idiot who asks the same questions time after time, ignores the answers he gets or is incapable of retaining the information. As you well know, like most Slovaks, if you paint him into a corner he will change the subject, respond with insults or start complaining that we are picking on him. We both know he lives in a fantasy world, coloured by his own limited intelect and appears to get some sort of satisfaction from posting tripe.
    As my Gran used to say ” If you don’t scratch it, it will go away”
    Just ignore the clown – he is beyond redemption.

    1. GRANDPA CRAPHOLD – Did you figure out of which SVK educational system I am a product of? The part-time or the distance one? I hope you know the difference by now.

      Who changed the subject? Who started talking about the WWII? Your beloved country man George! Thank him for that!

      I am using Wikipedia because it’s the esiest source to find and it’s detailed. You can see that when I talked about how Cameron apologized to the whole world for the UK’s mischieves I used Telegraph.

      Which question didn’t I anwer???

      I ‘m afraid you two been scratched too much. My grandpa used to say: “Don’t argue with stupid people. Others might confuse you with them”. What I didn’t know was that even stupid people who drag you into a quarell will usually blame you for that without any shame.

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    1. I don’t think that Alec 😀 What I express here is my love to George. I care about him deeply. I don’t want to give up on him. There is still hope.

  5. Are you just miss reading your own SNP history or plain stupid …your Army were praying the Russians would run to your aid ? They with some sense let you all shoot each other, so their would be no Slovaks and less Nazi`s, ready to shoot them later . A military master plan from Stalin .

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    1. George, I have more reading stuff for you. Stay with me boy:

      A hero story: About how a Slovak and a Czech took down Hitler’s No.2 man:

      A hero story: How a Slovak became a symbol of the US victory over the Pacific:

      A story about how the English apologize and apologize like crazy:

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    2. While we are off topic:

      Celebrating the Slovak National Uprising would be more palatable if the locals did something to acknowledge that 18,000 (25%) of the combatants were foreigners from 30 different countries – NOT Slovaks.

      Also our resident expert may like to explain how 18 US and UK Special Forces attached to the Slovak uprising, disappeared in the Tatra mountains and ended up at Mauthausen concentration camp were they were murdered on 25th January 1945.
      Read the article by Martin D. Brown, History Today, Volume 54, Issue 12.

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    1. I posted links to web articles, you posted your feelings.

      You didn’t explain
      but don’t worry, Thatcher already apologized for that.

      BTW I think your prime ministers should stop apologizing for everything,
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  7. The English taught the world to speak this type of German but the rest of the world taught them how to write it. If this news sheet is only for the supercilious English, then we mere mortals will have to content ourselves with reading the Pravda or Novy Cas.

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  9. I see that not having a clue what the article is about doesn’t stop some people from posting their comments.
    Distance studies means that the students go to universities on Saturdays or Sundays. These students don’t pay any money, the same as full-time students.
    Part-time studies means that the students go to school, or to any meeting place, every 3rd week or 4th week and then study there for 1 whole week with teachers. These students pay for their studies and it’s not cheap. This is a money making scheme.

    1. LOGHEAD
      It may have slipped your attention but this is a newspaper, written in English for English speakers so it is fair to assume that when Mr Boyd and his staff use phrases like “part-time” and “distance learning” they do so in the context of the generally accepted English definitions. The fact that, because of the stunted development of the Slovak language, you differentiate between students who study “part-time” on a weekend and those who study “part-time” on other days with inappropriate phrases is sad but not JB’s, mine or anyone elses fault. Caplovic seems to understand the correct application of the terms, or so it would appear.
      Part-Time = Antonym of Full-Time.
      Distance Learning = A method of study that involves working remotely from the educational establishment and direct teacher support, using materials provided by post, use of the radio or the Internet.
      Gobshite = Someone who has the habit of talking/writing rubbish just for the sake of it = LOGHEAD.

      1. GRANDPA CRAPHOLD – You clearly sound like you did your studies over a radio.

        I’m telling you again – for the future if you don’t know something it’s OK to be quiet. Asking questions is also OK. And don’t blame other people for your ignorance.

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          1. Read more before you write:

            About the 2nd biggest anti nazi uprising in Europe – Slovak National Uprising /the bigger one was only the uprising in Warszaw/.

            About what gave Hitler the time he needed:

            About how the alies beat the Slovaks for 54 days:

            About the Jew holocaust in Slovakia:

  10. This seems a tad short sighted. What about people in full time jobs who are allowed time to study for much needed professional qualifications or trades by their employers? Does this now all stop? Distance learning via the Internet has its place as part of futher education but many qualifications require hands on lab, workshop or studio time and there is still no substitute for face to face contact with tutors. Some subjects could never be learnt just by distance teaching methods but it appears Caplovic must have ignored the advice of training professionals and is set to push through this half baked plan.
    Poor effort, too many mistakes, do it again – as my teachers used to say.

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