eGovernment should take shape in August 2011

The draft legislation for implementing electronic communication in public administration will most likely not be produced by the Ministry of Finance until August 2011.

The law should lay down the general rules and conditions for the eGovernment project, and ensure that eGovernment is applied uniformly throughout the whole of state administration, so that specific legislation is not necessary for each department.

The new law will establish certain institutions that are still absent in Slovakia, like document conversion and electronic personal mailboxes. The introduction of electronic exchange will not put an end to good old ‘snail mail’ or personal interaction at public institutions, however.

Basically, every individual or corporate entity dealing with public institutions will have their own specific elecontric mailbox, which will be administered by the so-called Central Public Administration Portal (UPVS). These free-of-charge mailboxes will only be obligatory for business entities, but will be set up in the system for individuals automatically a few days after they are born.

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