Death toll 8: attack may have been racially-motivated against Roma

A 53-yr old woman was discovered dead in her flat at the site of the shooting today in Devinska Nova Ves after everyone hoped the death toll had stopped. The news was announced at a press conference a little while ago by interior minister Daniel Lipsic.

The woman had apparently been on her balcony when the man started shooting wildly at people in the street and who were looking at him from their flats. the poor woman caught a bullet, then crawled inside her flat, where she was found dead a little later.

There are still 13 people being treated in hospital, including the police officer who has just undergone a plastic surgery operation to his face and is said to be stabilised. At least one more person is classed as in a critical condition and 3 more as serious.  A help centre has been set up and people are being receiving professional psychological support.

Information has surfaced that the killer was a former soldier, and one of the relatives of the victims said he had some problem with the Roma, so it seems now that the attack may have been racially-motivated. The relative mentioned how she recognised the killer and that he was always banging doors and shouting etc. Nothing has been confirmed, but it seems like he may have been their neighbour with a personal vendetta.

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