Emails Point To Safety Shortcomings at Mochovce Nuclear Plant

Internal emails and documents, obtained by Anonymous from the plant’s owner ENEL, have revealed major safety problems regarding the construction of two new reactors of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant in Slovakia. The leaked documents, which contain inspection and monitor reports, reveal that minimum safety requirements are not being met and that pre-Chernobyl materials made by the Former Soviet Union are being used for the construction of units 3 and 4.

Mochovce nuclear power plant, a public danger?

In one of the emails, dated 31st March 2013, a STF employee states “from a test carried out at the construction site of the plant, we know that the inspector of the assembly activity did not manage the quality process and documentation in an appropriate way”. The email further states that “currently the documentation has been brought into conformity despite the immensity of inconsistencies” and that “necessary checks had not been made”.
An email [2], dated 31st March 2013  from the STF documentation, was sent by an STF member to others. It says that “by an inspection completed in Mochovce yard we know that the inspector who performed the inspection did not manage the process quality and documentation in a proper way”, but “actually this documentation was conformed, although many reported  “incongruities”, however “the inspection were not done”.

So we claim that reactors 3 and 4 in Mochovce nuclear plan where built without any supervision.  We underline: there were “many reported incongruities” from the project. These “incongruities” are differences between the reactors’ projects and the actual work of poorly carried out labouring/manufacturing during the reactor construction.

Moreover, the documentation for ENEL was, according to the email, “conformed” i.e. problems and/or anomalies were excluded/manipulated to produce satisfactory datasets. As the author of the email underlines, “the situation is more serious as we consider that we were talking about components of a nuclear power plant”.

A second email we encounter [3], dated 18 January 2013, originates from the Ansaldo dox.  An Ansaldo member writes of certain tests (and their results) “don’t get lost inside calculation notes” and accommodates ENEL’s comments. As we can read  from that email, Ansaldo’s mathematical models do not contemplate working problems in the A202 component of the plant. It has, however, been revealed that there are issues concerning the use of this component due to “free support upward”, thus ENEL noted that there can be “non-linearity” (unpredictability) in the nuclear reactor’s functions and/or readings during operation [3]

Further to the correspondence, documents dated 20th December 2012 detail various results from the Mohovce plant. As can be seen by by these initial offerings, there exist many issues that are, at times, designated as “critical”.  This is not exclusive to test results from reactor operation alone but are also found in tests for various components used within the reactors, also marked as “critical”

So, these documents we release highlight that the Mohovoce plant, property of ENEL, was built quickly, without satisfactory controls, with a willful ignorance to concerns and with potentially inferior materials. This is made worse by the fact that ENEL makes only symbolic investments in alternative energy. For example, solar power collected by fluid pipes warmed with mirrors: this system is perfectly efficient, but ENEL doesn’t seem serious about improving it. The latest findings show that the company may be putting at risk thousands of people and the surrounding environment.

Source: OperationGreenRights


  1. Frightening article – no doubt the issue will not be raised again.

  2. Oh great, now some Slowvaks are gonna Glow in the dark … there no end to their minimum talents and unfounded bragging rights ?

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