Emissions Scandal Starts to Reveal Beneficiaries

An article in today’s SME daily looks in more detail at the Slovak citizens who allegedly cashed in on the emissions sale scandal from 2008, which saw EUR 47 million being made in commission by the mediation company Interblue Group, based on information from the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Jaslovske Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant (c) MarkBA

U.S. garage-based company Interblue Group was the main channel for receiving the whopping commission, which was then redistributed through ten other companies, with the final  destination of the money still very much an unknown. So far the names of three people (Rastislav Bilas, Norbert Havalec and his wife Katarina Kubanova) have been extracted from the list sent by Swiss authorities, revealed only this week after pressure from the media.

Former interior minister and independent MP from the freshly established NOVA party, Daniel Lipsic, is pointing to another name, however, from one of the involved companies, Osian. Osian is an offshore company set up in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which allows shareholders a certain level of anonymity. Nevertheless, Lipsic points out how the date of birth of a Jozef B involved in the company matches that of Jozef Brhel, alleged sponsor of Prime Minister Robert Fico’s Smer-SD party.

Suspect Rastislav Bilas is claiming innocence as he declared that he sent all the money he had received back to Interblue Group after the scandal broke out back in 2009. Why he would do that as an ‘honest businessman’ (as he refers to himself) is not quite clear. Bilas also denies having had any dealing with Brhel over the CO2 emissions sale.


  1. Keep flipping those burgers Slim …..nothing like having a real job eh ?

    1. I haven’t actually found a “real job” in Slovakia.
      Slide over Slim, may have to flip burgies with ya.
      Do they exist if I don’t have family members on the hill or sleep with the right people?

      1. Matt Door, I used to provide Slowvaks with real jobs …kept finding the locals stealing from me ( Video`d a secretary, exiting one night with company laptop under her tits…she denied it was her in the film……..?.) or being away on sickie for weeks and weeks ( normally a bad back ) ….so in the end I moved my operation to Austria …thus nothing of value goes missing now and in 2013 , there was 20 days sick leave registered from a staff of 12 .

        You tell me ?

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          Not Sure of your thread to the topic, but my comment to your ex-Slovak business as you say, may lie in the fact that the minimum wage in Austria is over three times higher than in Slovakia. Twas a wise man that said ‘ if you pay peanuts you get monkeys’ ūüėČ

          1. Well the man they call Flipper, The difference in wage cost between Bratislava and say the Kitsee area ( just across the border) is actually minimal ….

            The fact is, whatever you pay in Slowvakia, you still get tea leafin monkies ….

          2. Sorry Slim, studies have shown that honesty is genetic, nothing to do with what a person is paid. Hence all the well paid till dippers here.

        2. Boy George (TM @Slimsedg)
          That is quite a talent the lady did with the PC. Will have to try that someday.
          Interesting comparison between SK and AU. We have all been ripped off somewhere a long the line in many countries. I guess you really have to keep an eye on your business if you want max profit and min headaches.
          AU does seem like the best option for the area but something must still be pulling on your SK infected heart strings. Nostalgic times?

          1. Matt Door, I came here with hope in 1997 and left in …….

            To be honest, I dont really wanna chat about it, as it gives me nose bleeds .

  2. The shameful thing here, is that it took the Swiss authorities to break this murky deal. I doubt we would know this much, if left to the neutered Slowvak investigators! Gott sei Dank!

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