Employee Luncheon Vouchers Under Attack

An article in today’s Hospodarske Noviny points to a plan by the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ZHR) to take some of the power away from luncheon vouchers,  as establishment owners are not happy about the commission paid to the ticket issuing companies.

Bratislava restaurants (c) The Daily.SK

Employees are entitled to some kind of meal or meal compensation from employers if working full time, and the Association is trying to get employers to find other ways of serving up meals to their employees. At present, the only other option for obliged employers is to set up their own canteen or service.

Restaurants are not happy with the current luncheon voucher system, as they are losing out on 3-5% of the value of the payment when returning the tickets to the issuers, which bites into their already dwindling profit.



  1. I’m sure Credit cards charge 2-3%, i don’t see restaurant’s trying to get those banned.
    I smell a rat !! Im sure there will be some more bad press re the luncheon voucher system, to which the government will respond by replacing them with some kind of chip card system, implemented and administered by a very good friend of the establishment and his Belize registered shell company. uvidíme!!!

    1. I thought that the voucher system gave the hotels and restaurants the value if the meal unless someone in a government dept is making a bit of pocket money

  2. I understood credit cards charged 2-3% for there use, are the retailers going to refuse those…… No!.
    I smell a rat!! i suspect some more stories, relating to vouchers will emerge. Causing the government to react, do away with the system, only to be replaced by a more costly chip card rubbish system, set up by a some politicians friends Cypriot/Belize shell company!!!!!!!! (then again i could be wrong?)

  3. G8 needs to approve an ice skating rink?

  4. EU Slovakia needs some bond money!!A committee to plan,research the possibilities and a commitment from its citizens. There is great potential here.

  5. Cool.We do have a hockey rink here. Money was donated. Did some designs for the girls ICE skating competition. Anything is possible.

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