Employers like the Manifesto’s approach to the labour market

The Republic Union of Employers (RUZ) has praised the government Manifesto as it feels it is designed to kick-start Slovakia’s economy and make the labour market more efficient.

RUZ President Marian Jusko said: “In my opinion it will ensure that Slovakia will sail out the crisis, that new jobs will be generated, which in turn will create a higher living standard”. Jusko believes the measures are necessary in order to make the labour market more flexible.

German investors have also called for the labour law to be made more flexible, and so the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce intends to submit a set of six proposals to the government, which it would like to see included in the planned amendment to Slovakia’s labour law. The main focus of the German investors’ requests is on increasing the flexibility of the labor law by adopting so-called time accounts.

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