English Comedy: Unique 1-Man Show of Earl Okin

Earl Okin’s One Man Show! Thursday, 10 November 2011 8pm

Live at KC Dunaj, Nedbalová 3 (4th Floor), Tickets: €9 per person in advance or €10 on the door

The Baby Blue Banana brings us a special act this week, with highly-acclaimed one-man show of Earl Okin. Musical genius and international sex symbol, and one of the most popular performers ever to appear on the Baby Blue Banana stage, Okin will be making his first ever visit to Bratislava.

Earl Okin

Earl is one of the true greats of British music and comedy. He combines his genuine world-class talent for jazz and bossa-nova with a parallel talent for comic songs and hilarious quips. It is impossible to describe Earl Okin as any particular genre. He is not really a stand-up comedian but does perform superb comedy. His musical prowess is exceptional but also covers multiple styles of music. Earl Okin is simply unique!

Earl is a veteran of the last 6 decades of music and comedy and many of the greatest comedy and musical talents in the world rate him as their own personal favourite, including Eddie Izzard, Billy Connolly, Sacha Baron Cohen, Frank Skinner, Van Morrison and Paul McCartney. When the Beatles split and Paul McCartney formed his new band Wings, it was Earl he called to be the support act on his first post-Beatles tour! In the 1960s, he was recording on the same record label as the Beatles, whilst some of the biggest names of that era, such as Cilla Black and Georgie Fame were singing Earl’s songs. He still holds the record for performing the most consecutive years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, whilst at the same time, he is one of the biggest stars of Bossa Nova music in Brazil!

If ever a performer was able to bridge the generations and entertain everyone, Earl Okin has that unique talent. This performance will be a showcase of both Earl’s musical talent and his great humour. This is a show that nobody should miss!

What the critics say about Earl Okin:

“Okin is a true original; a distinctive, eccentric figure on the stand-up circuit since before such a phrase even existed.” – Chortle

“Multi-talented musical supremo” – Time Out

“Faultlessly musical comedy shows” – The Times

“Age does not matter, for he appeals to all from 17 to senility. The man is unmissable as singer, songwriter, Jazz musician, comedian.”– The Evening News

We expect this show to be extremely popular, so we strongly recommend making reservations early to avoid disappointment. Tickets are just €9 per person in advance or €10 on the door. Tickets can be purchased online in advance via www.babybluebanana.com or in person from Goblins bar, Dunajska 29. Those who prefer to pay in cash at the door can still reserve seats by simply emailing: reservations@babybluebanana.com to let us know how many tickets you need.

Baby Blue Banana is Central Europe’s leading promoter of English language entertainment, bringing comedy, theatre, live music, quiz nights, parties and much more to audiences across the region. Now in its third year of operation, Baby Blue Banana has expanded successfully from its initial base in Budapest to launch successfully in 5 more locations, which also include Prague and Brno. The comedy nights take place in Bratislava at least once per month. Full details of Baby Blue Banana events can be found at our website: www.BabyBlueBanana.com. In the coming weeks and months, Baby Blue Banana will be launching in 10 more European cities, including Nitra, Kosice and Vienna.


  1. Message from the organisers: In case any of you missed the announcement at the previous show, we have come to an agreement with Kevin Hayes, who missed his flight and consequently the October show, that he will come to Bratislava in March to perform a free show. I hope this goes some way to reassuring those who were disappointed by his non-appearance that we will always put our audience first!

  2. ‘Did the Promoter offer a return of the 10 euro entrance cost ??…of course not, he waited until everyone was beered & seated and then spilled the beans of the failed flight Irish and then said in this newweb, what a great success some half witted American boy was ???’

    He’d perhaps be an example of sb who, as you said elsewhere, is ‘bright enough and hard-working enough to earn money’ I guess then, George.

    I heard of a vaguely similar thing not long ago. Some cheap celebrity (he can remain nameless for now) asked for a ridiculous amount for a 1 hour dance routine, turned up late as he’d been ‘held up in traffic’ (a step up from not getting on the plane at all but still….), performed for just 20 mins and still asked for the full fee.

    Slightly unrelated but just been reading an interesting study showing how some top execs, bosses, bankers etc etc (bright, hard-working people all) share a lot of characteristics with people locked up in places like Broadmoor (a hospital for psychos).

    1. James , you have to remember I have admited never seen this show, but I do get some reports and was thinking of attending this Show, this time round . Sadly ,and given the way the Promoter treated the last Audience as fools , I and at least 6 other people will not be going this time round. At the risk of being accused of dribbling , by the I go for free brigade , Mr Howard Cohen treated people as idiots by pretending all was OK, fine and dandy, because in his opinion the late sub was just so good … Is that good enough one has to ask ?

      On your off topic subject , I would suggest that counts both John and Dan out and we should perhaps be looking to book our rooms , at sometime in the future 🙂

  3. I think you have lived in Slovakia too long John ….now accepting a nod and a wink here , a blind eye there and now of course as a media partner with free entry to the event …”price and complaints policy is nothing to do with us.” .???

    What about the reader that may have been let down , even robbed ??? I thought you were a news website ?

    1. Yes, and you got to say your opinion. I expressed mine.

      1. “Price and complaints policy is nothing to do with us.”

        Thats your opinion ? I guess that just slips off the tongue and is real easy, when you are on the company payroll ?

        1. Such dribble, although expected from you, does not warrant a reply George. Enjoy the news.

  4. Bad luck …??? How do you miss a plane , when your job is at the other end ? What about the entrance cost , if you pay for three acts and the star turn does not arrive and only one appears, then you should get 75% of the cost back ???

    BTW , are BB a paid advertiser, or do you get a few free entrance tickets ?? I think we readers should all know your personal interest in this Promo \Co ?

    1. Yes, as a media partner I get free entry for The Daily, but we would promote it even without such a small perk. No personal interest, just an interest in informing the English-speaking public about the events. Price and complaints policy is nothing to do with us.

  5. I have deliberately avoided these evenings , as I was told the Opening Compare, a Slovak called Milan , just freezes the audience cold, before the gig even starts ? Allso reported to me from the last gig , only one of the THREE advertised acts turned up …the Irish born one forgot to get on the plane to Bratislava………….. no real surprise there .

    Did the Promoter offer a return of the 10 euro entrance cost ??…of course not, he waited until everyone was beered & seated and then spilled the beans of the failed flight Irish and then said in this newweb, what a great success some half witted American boy was ???

    Not sure why this Newsweb is still promoing a con ?

    1. Hardly a con George, just a bit of bad luck last time. If you haven’t been to the shows, you are not really in a position to judge for yourself. I have been to all the shows and they have been very enjoyable, whether the MC bombed or not. I think the show on Thursday will be a particularly good one. We promote these events because it is good for foreigners to have shows like this, so it will always get my backing.

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