Last Chance: English Summer Theatre at Zichy Palace

Do you want to experience a piece of Slovak traditional culture in a language you understand?

Spend some quality time with us in the heart of Bratislava Old Town and learn a bit about Slovak nature, manners, traditions and old time stories.

Bridgin´ Drama – the first theatre in Slovakia performing in English – would like to invite you to enjoy  Tajovsky Ruulezz! It´s a witty and up-to-date  adaptation of a Slovak classical comedy with bits and pieces of Slovak national folk costumes but in modern English everybody understands.

What is it about?

Anička and Miško get engaged, but their families start fighting, just like in Romeo and Juliet. Miško has to join the army and while away, his mother finds a new rich wife for him. And so the women fight, cry and get furious for another two acts, and the only man that is left in the house waits to get a chance to speak up. He never gets it. Anička, getting desperate, enchants Miško with the help of Dora. Voilá, a happy-ending, there you go! But is it magic or true love?

We guarantee you spend an hour full of laughter in a beautiful historical palace of Zichy.

Dates of the summer shows:

Friday, July 19

Friday, July 26

Friday, August 2

Friday, August 9

Friday, August 16

Friday, August 23

Tuesday, August 27

The show always starts at 20:30 and takes no longer than 60 minutes.

Tickets: 5 €

Book your tickets now  at or buy before the show.


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  1. Culture ???

    The only culture in Slowvakia is on a Yogurt sold in Tesco`s .

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