Ethnic Slovaks in Hungary also want a voice

With all the recent controversy surrounding the laws adopted by the Hungarian government of Viktor Orban concerning dual citizenship and voting rights for Hungarian minorities abroad, now the Bureau for Slovaks Living Abroad (USZZ) is also speaking up.

Ethnic Slovaks living in Hungary have been expressing their grievances recently, saying their situation is critical and that their language and national identity is fading away, as their rights and demands are being ignored, reports TASR newswire.

Now the Bureau wants the Slovak minority in Hungary to be represented among Hungarian commissioners in the upcoming census in Hungary, and it is eager to see just how many people in the country claim to be of Slovak ethnicity.

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  1. Sir,

    Is it correct that the number of Slovaks in Hungary amount to some 120000? Are they scattered all over the country or are they to be found in one particular area? Do they have a weekly of their own?

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