EU Anti-Corruption Report Not Complementary to Slovakia

Around 90% of Slovaks perceive corruption in the country to be widespread, according to the latest EU Anti-Corruption Report published today. A shockingly high figure, but some would say justified, even when the EU average comes out as high as 76%.

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Overall Slovakia has improved slightly, according to the report, but still has a long way to go with high levels of corruption perceived, and Slovakia coming out among the worst in several areas.

In public tenders, for instance, the percentage of businesses that state corruption as the reason for not winning was as high as 57% in Slovakia, compared to the EU average of 32 %, with the trend most prominent among construction and engineering companies. Corruption is most likely to be considered a problem when doing business in general by companies in the Czech Republic (71 %), Portugal (68 %), Greece and Slovakia (both 66 %), the report states.

Around one in twelve Europeans (8 %) say they have experienced or witnessed a case of corruption in the past 12 months, while the figure in Slovakia comes to 21% (beaten only by Lithuania with 28%). Finland and Denmark (3% each), Malta and the UK (4% each) set the best examples. Some 14% of Slovaks have been directly asked for a bribe in Slovakia, compared to the EU average of just 4%.

Around three quarters of Europeans (73 %) say that bribery and the use of connections is often the easiest way of obtaining certain public services in their country. This belief is most widespread in Greece (93 %), Cyprus (92 %), Slovakia and Croatia (89 % in each).

Overall, Slovakia only has Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy to thank from keeping it off the bottom of the EU index.

A graphic depiction highlighting Slovakia is shown here.

Source: European Commission


  1. Well at least things don’t look that bad…
    “Overall, Slovakia only has Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy to thank from keeping it off the bottom of the EU index.”

    Does the money go in an envelope before you put it in the pocket?

    1. Dope Mat Door , …….how would you put the Interblue Group`s €66 million corrupt profit in brown envelope …..let alone your pocket ???

  2. Hail Dave C , Leader of the Government Opposition ……

    1. What opposition? The centre right parties would rather campaign for religious intollerance than actually put BnM on the spot. A deaf, blind, mute would do a better job!

      1. errrrrrrrrr hello wake up today Mr DC ….The irony in my statement was that ..YOU ARE THE ONLY OPPOSITION …….not the the deaf, blind, mute kids who sure pull a mean pinball

  3. Strange, this report like so many others – confidence in the police/ judiciary, health system, local governance, quality of life etc. all seem to indicate that the rank and file are not happy with the current situation yet polls still show almost 50% still happy to elect the bandit in chief and his gang into power. Two years of an overall majority in parliament and what have they done to reverse these appauling figures? Nothing!, if fact worse than nothing, they have actually tinkered with current legislation to make it easier for underhand activities. A casual observer could deduce that this reluctance to deal with these issues is because those in the clown house are those who benefit from the situation.
    The media and press should grow some and instead of allowing Glorious Leader and his cohorts spout self effaciating dribble, they should ask, nay demand, – What are you going to do about this and every other damning report? and not allow them to pontificate on any other matters until they give a clear response.

    1. Further to my last comment. The changes to the “press rules” regarding access and reporting in parliament seem to have been accepted with a whimper. If you cut through all the spin Paska has spouted about why he has made these changes it is clear that the ruling Government don’t want the press to legitimately report on activities within the chamber and yet the press have said or done very little in response. If I was an Editor or owner I would refuse to publish one word uttered by any member of the government, deny them a platform for any comment and say “no thankyou, find someone else” for their campaign adverts. Meanwhile I would splash large headlines, ask damning questions and publish detailed reports on every scandal, dodgy deal, blatent case of cronyism involving the ruling party.

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