EU Citizens to Have Same Land-Buying Rights as Slovaks

The Ministry of Agriculture announced yesterday that despite no law being incorporated, there would still be certain restrictions put on foreigners purchasing agricultural land. The statement comes after the Ordinary People and Personalities party (OLaNO) protested against the unregulated sale of arable land to foreigners.

Slovakia is obliged by EU law to waive the discriminatory rules for sales of land to foreigners, and had already received a three-year extension to the original deadline, but that also runs out on 30 April 2014. Members of the OLaNO party claim they have information about the intended acquisition of land covering tens of thousands of hectares by some Chinese group.

The restrictions that will remain should only affect those who are not from an EU member state or do not have their registered office in one. All others should now have the same rights as locals when it comes to purchasing land. The general fear is that agricultural land will be bought up and used for other purposes, but the ministry has said that is is preparing legislation to reduce this risk.


  1. What is the status now of the orna poda or sale of farmland as of June 1st?
    Did this bill pass?
    Locals have first chance on land? Or can I see to the Chinese?

  2. Whilst I actually understand the fear that huge swathes of this beautiful country will end up in foriegn hands the Govt. knee jerk proposals are, as predicted, insane. People or organisations that have tthe money to buy land are not going to think twice about using “white horses” to get around the clauses proposed. I also suspect that they will not survive the first “discrimination case” put before the EU courts. Perhaps if the Govt. had actually done some real thinking and work on this issue in the past – the creation of zones with strict limits to what land in them could ever be used for, a switch to leasehold sales only with land title remaining either with the current owner or a National Land Agency ( Suitably managed and conrolled by clear legislation to prevent any dodgy dealing). Clear conditions of use and land management for would be leaseholders, rents set to the market and stronger laws to protect the landlord rights and control measures to regulate the sale of leaseholds. The land owner’s would be happy – money from the sale of the lease and regular rental income. Tennants would be obliged to actually use the land for its intended purpose rather than just sit on it as an investment and be under no illusion before buying the lease exactly what they can / can’t do on the land. I think such a scheme would be much more transparent, less attractive to speculators and prevent key areas – National parks, water catchments, sites of cultural importance ever being misused.

  3. I really feel so sorry for all those normal hard working Slovak people that are small landowners and were believing that they had some land with value. Land that they could sell to someone they would select and for a normal price they were expecting. Money they needed just to pay their healthcare, help their sick child or to have some extra money for their pension, Unfortunately, they were robbed by their own government of this opportunity. Actual with the new measures now taken, Slovakia has lost billions of Euro’s of land value. Money that belonged to the ordinary people and most likely will end up in the pockets of a very few, mostly linked with politics. These happy few will continue buying up the financially poor cooperatives. They will get all the billions from EU taxpayers (they call it subsidies per hectare) and will offer little money to the small Slovak land owners to confiscate their land. And the foreign agricultural companies with know how and money? They will move to other countries, leaving Slovakia behind like a grey area on the edge of the EU. Another opportunity lost.

    1. Gotta giggle here …normal hard working Slovak people that are small landowners and were believing that they had some land with value?

      Petre mate are your for real ????

      ~~They will move to other countries, leaving Slovakia behind like a grey area on the edge of the EU. Another opportunity lost.~~~

      Huh , not sure what the problem is here with that happening …..???

      If Slowvakia and its people ( esp. it`s male people ) where sucked into a great big giant black hole, ………would anyone in the world actually notice???

  4. Apply for a three year extention, then do nothing only to start running around like headless chickens and pandering to the delusional and paranoid demands of others who have also done nothing in the intervening years, days before the “new rules” apply – typical Slowvak. It well illustrates the complete incompetance, not only of the govt. but also many other politicians. Perhaps if parliament had dovoted less of it’s energies to fixing it for their friends, pocket lining, passing the buck, drinking clubs, shopping trips and whitewashing everything then they would not be faced with the current, fast approaching situation or be obliged to cobble together the usual patchwork of insane legislation that no doubt will subsequently be presented as their considered response.

  5. Door, let me tell you something . No one here pays willingly for using other persons agro or sports grass/forest land …believe me, I met many who complain of the same issue. The mind set is a old Socialist one and ideal, bred into these morons …ie `the land belongs to us all` and these tea leaf`s had no problem ever stealing from State owed land prior to 1989 .

    Do as DC says …….make the land a hemlock field or set man traps !

  6. Mat – Buy a 5lt spray, mix 1lt. ocot with 4lt. water, add a drop of liquid soap and either spray the entire plot or write suitable messages in their plants. This mix makes Agent Orange look like maiden’s water, it starts working in minutes, will burn all the leaves off anything it touches, biodegrades quickly and is good for the soil.

  7. “they have more power to continue to use your land and ignore my rights as an official owner”

    I am frustrated with slow-vakia georgie!


  8. Door Mat , you own land her ???…where and why are you being screwed , explain more pray tell, uncle George has a good ear ???

    1. The Slow-vaks don’t like to pay their rent on orna poda.
      They use the land for years and expect it for free and when you are dealing with these “legit pozemky fond” folks, they have more power to continue to use your land as an official owner and not pay a damn cent unless you want to spend decades in court.

  9. I’m tired of Slovaks not honoring the leasing contracts on my orna poda.
    Time to sell to the rich foreign buyers as I don’t want to get screwed anymore.
    Foreigners have the dinero and the Slovaks simply use your land for free.
    Fed up!!!

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