EUR 26,000 profit from dubious contract just before elections

More questions have been raised over certain contracts concluded by the former government of Smer-SD, HZDS and SNS right before the elections.

For instance, the state-owned company MH Invest ordered excessively priced archaeological surveys under the former government, claims SME daily.

The company signed a contract for EUR 29,800 with private company Nona just ten days before the national elections. Nona then paid a mere EUR 3,700 to another state-run organisation for the survey to be carried out, meaning an easy EUR 26, 100 profit just for standing in the middle of two state-run organisations.

The company Nona was selected in a dubious tender by MH Invest, which has been the target of various investigations recently over other excessive spending practices.

Is someone responsible for this and will anyone be held accountable for this gross abuse of taxpayers’ money, or will we continue to wait in vain?

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