Eurobarometer: Corruption High in Slovakia

A common practice in Slovakia (c) The Daily

According to the recent Eurobarometer study, Slovaks are not so happy with the level of corruption in the country, with around half of them saying they have witnessed corruption.

Slovakia took second place among the seven countries that were below the EU average in terms of being victims to bribery in the previous 12 months. At least a quarter of respondents say that they have been asked or expected to pay a bribe in four of these countries: Romania (31%), Lithuania (27%), Slovakia (27%) and Bulgaria (25%).

Most countries show little change when compared with the results in 2009. Bulgaria shows the greatest increase in the proportion reporting experience of bribery (+8 points), followed by Romania and Slovakia (both +5 points).

Surprisingly, all but one EU country – Czech Republic – have a majority of respondents agreeing that corruption is unavoidable and has always existed. A further nine Member States have at least seven out of ten respondents disagreeing that their national Government is effective at fighting corruption – Hungary (73%), Italy (75%), Portugal (75%), Ireland (70%), Cyprus (78%), Slovakia (79%), Romania (79%), France (75%) and Spain (78%).

The full Eurobarometer report can be viewed here

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