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Events Around the Country In June

Events taking place around the country in June as promoted by the Slovak tourist board SACR

June,  2012

Air Days Nové Zámky
Flight shows of air units of the Army of the SR, ground and air fights of soldiers, shows of the Police special units and fire fighters, sightseeing flights, etc.
Venue: Airport Nové Zámky
Information: Aeroklub Nové Zámky, Komárňanská cesta 94, 940 01 Nové Zámky – airport
Tel.: +421/35/643 21 65, Fax: +421/35/640 87 46
E-mail:, Web:

June,  2012
Festival of Convergence
An international festival of chamber music as a small festival of open hands.
Venue:  Košice
Organizer:  Civil association “Konvergencie” – a society for chamber arts
Tel.: +421/55/625 8888

June 2 – 3,  2012
Abov folklore festival “Euro Folk Rozhanovce”

International folklore festival.
Venue: Municipality of Rozhanovce
Organizer: Regional Centre of Culture, Košice
Tel.: +421/55/72 99 605

June 6 – 10,  2012
Balloon Fiesta
A wonderful festival of balloon flying with a long tradition annually in June offers the possibility of a unique experience of a flight over Košice, night balloon inflating and accompanying programme. Enjoy a view of Košice from the height with ten other balloons on your horizon during the balloon Fiesta.
Venue:  Košice
Organizer: ADS ballooning
Tel.: +421/55/6748 426

June 7 – 10,  2012
International Folk Costumed Dolls
It is the only festival of its kind in Slovakia, presenting unique dolls dressed in the traditional folk costumes of each of the participating ensembles. The festival has been held for three days every year since 1997, always during the first week of June.
Venue: Tatra cities
Organizer: Podtatranské (Sub-Tatran) Cultural Centre Poprad
Tel.: +421/52/ 772 24 66

June  7 – 10,  2012
Golden Ribbons of Piešťany – Concours d’Elegance 2012
Motoring events began in the thirties of last century and continue in the spirit of the tradition again this year. A programme-rich event, with a tour round the Small Carpathians through Trnava and Red Stone Castle and back to the Spa Island in Piešťany. The event will culminate with a “Concours d’Elegance” in front of the Thermia Palace Hotel.
Venue: Thermia Palace Hotel in Piešťany, Spa Island in Piešťany, Winterova Street in Piešťany, Art Jazz Gallery in Piešťany
Organizers: Veteran Car Club Piešťany, town of Piešťany, Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, a.s.
Tel.: +421/33/771 96 21, +421/33/771 96 22, +421/33/771 96 23

June 9 – 10,  2012
Dog Show
International dog show of all breeds – FCI
Venue: Exhibition ground Agrokomplex Nitra.
Organizer: Agrokomplex – Exhibitions, Nitra
Tel.: +421/37/733 63 68

June 12 – 16,  2012
Golden Beggar
It is the first and oldest international festival of local TVs in Europe (established in 1995). It is focused on topics supporting local democracy. Golden Beggar is the first and oldest festival of local TVs held annually at the beginning of June in Košice.
Golden Beggar is a data basis of exceptional high-quality local TV programmes and at the same time the venue of inspiring workshops, lectures, presentations, round tables and discussion platforms.
Venue:  Košice
Organizer: City TV foundation
Mobile phone: +421/905/966 649

June  14 – 17,  2012
Musica Sacra – International Festival of Sacred Music
International Festival of Sacred Music is a choral singing competition for children, youth and adult male, female and mixed choirs.
Venue: Bratislava
Organizer: Bratislava Music Agency
Mobile phone: +421/905/657 131

June  14 – 17,  2012

conductor Walter Attanasi
conductor Walter Attanasi

International Folklore Festival Myjava
The town of Myjava organizes its own folklore festival.
Venue: Myjava
Organizer: House of Culture, Myjava
Tel.: +421/34/621 33 89, 621 25 88

June 15 – 17,  2012
Tinkers Festival
International festival event with a traditional market, fair and cultural.
Venue: Žilina
Organizer: Považie Museum
Tel.: +421/41/500 15 11

June  15 – 24,  2012
Summer Season Opening at Vysoké Tatry
Various events will take place on the entire territory of Vysoké Tatry, so people can spend their time there from morning until evening.
Information: Dom Služieb, 062 01 Starý Smokovec
Tel.: +421/52/442 52 30
E-mail:, Web:

June 16 – 23,  2012
Like most large spas in the world, Trenčianske Teplice also holds a film festival entitled “Artfilm”. Although the festival of art films does not have such a rich history as, for example, the festivals in Cannes, San Sebastian or Karlovy Vary, it currently ranks among the most important film events in Central Europe.
Venue: Trenčianske Teplice

June 16 – September 9, 2012
Cultural Summer and Castle Festival
In the summer, Bratislava lives with culture. In the streets of the Old Town, visitors can see street theatre, folk concerts, traditional craftsmen, open-air cinema and much more.
Venue: Bratislava
Tel.: +421/2/5443 3715

June 20 – 24,  2012
Cassovia folk fest
International folklore festival.
Venue: House of Folk Dance, Košice
Tel.: +421/55/789 47 17- 15

June  22 – 24,  2012
Coronation Festival
The coronation festival in Bratislava is a grand three-day event where the city comes alive with the atmosphere of medieval kings and queens, nobility, troubadours and thousands of curious spectators.
Venue: Bratislava – Old Town

June 22 – 24,  2012
Košice Gourmet Fest – festival of extraordinary flavours
A unique culinary festival during which the best restaurants present themselves in Katova bašta (Hangman´s Bastion). Besides that excellent chefs will demonstrate the preparation of gastronomic specialties in moderated cooking shows, Don´t hesitate, come and have a bite of the best and enjoy Košice!
Venue:  Košice, premises of Katova bašta – Rodošto
Organizer: Košice – tourism
Tel.: +421/55/625 8888

June 22 – 24,  2012
Horehronské Days of Singing and Dancing
International folklore festival.
Venue: Municipality of Heľpa
Tel.: +421/48/412 52 06, Fax: +421/48/412 51 22

June 23 – 30, 2012
Viva Musica!
Viva Musica! is a summer festival with really valuable artistic contribution. It offers people the best of classical music, jazz and world music in the form attractive for masses – open air in the historical centre of Bratislava and usually without paying admission. The festival offers several evenings full of music, elite artists of national and global level.
Venue: Bratislava – Old Town
Organizer: Oreo, s.r.o., Lamačská cesta 37, 841 03 Bratislava
Web:, E-mail:

June 24 – 30,  2012
Zvolen Castle Games – opera performances
Opera and drama performances.
Venue: Zvolen Castle courtyard, premises of J.G. Tajovský Theatre in Zvolen
Organizer: Jozef Gregor Tajovský Theatre, Zvolen
Tel.: +421/45/555 12 03

June 25 – July 1,  2012
Dotyky a spojenia
Festival of Slovak theatres in Martin presents the actual production of theatres in Slovakia. The festival is looking for the most interesting and inspiring theatre productions. It gives space to discussions between the producers, critics and spectators. The Festival is a non-competitive show, not ranking, but providing feedbacks in dialogue with producers.
Chief organiser: Slovenské komorné divadlo Martin, Divadelná 1, 036 80 Martin
Tel.: +421/43/422 40 98, +421/43/422 22 12
Venue: Martin

June  29 – 30,  2012
Slovak and European Championship in cooking and eating sheep-cheese gnocchi
Mastery in cooking gnocchi can only be won by one team. Contestants must peel and hand-shred potatoes, make dough, cook gnocchi and eat them. Not everyone can do it…
Venue: Municipality of Turecká
Tel.: +421/48/419 92 70, Mobile phone: +421/905/534 939

June  29 – 30,  2012
Central European Summer Jazz Festival.
Venue: Banská Štiavnica
Organizer: City Authority Banská Štiavnica
Tel.: +421/45/694 96 51, Mobile phone: +421/905/525 945

June  29 – July  1,  2012
“Východná” Folklore Festival
The largest folk festival in Slovakia as the top presentation of the best domestic and foreign folk ensembles and traditional folk culture.
Venue: Východná Amphitheatre
Organizer: National Cultural Centre
Mobile phone: +421/918/716 047


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