Extremist Kotleba Plans To Demolish Roma Homes

Founder of the extreme-right movement Slovenská Pospolitosť and head of the “People’s Party – Our Slovakia”, Marian Kotleba, looks set to carry out the plan to demolish houses of Roma built illegally on a plot of land donated to Kotleba, as reported by TheDaily on 28 May.

After being donated around 800 m2 of land under a Roma settlement in Krasnohorske Podhradie, extremist Kotleba said he would demolish the shanty homes. The nearby Krasna Horka castle was recently partially burned down by a fire, with blaming fingers being pointed at Roma children from the settlement of around 800 people.

Right-wing extremism in Slovakia (c) The Daily

Kotleba has announced he will execute his plan tomorrow, 29 September, saying he was coming to clean up the waste on his land. As the land is registered as arable, with no buildings on it, Kotleba has said he is merely bringing his estate into line with the official status and so has asked for the assistance of the police force to oversee the eviction.

The Roma families who inhabit the shanty houses tried previously to negotiate the purchase of the land from the previous owner and from Kotleba, but they both refused. The families are now fearing the worst, as they will most likely find themselves homeless as of tomorrow. They have said they will not leave without a fight, while the police are there to ensure that nobody breaks the law.


  1. Suppose squtting is OKin SLvakia, according to G.M.! If they found land and started to build a settlement…this is not 1700″s America! You can’t claim land as your own as you wish! Beisdes the “Skin Heads” showing their “White Power”…which I think is ubsurd… Everyone should fear a family building in their back yard a home that is not legal! Sure 800 humans are being moved or evicted… and to where, the next plot of land they find vacant? Build on my land and find yourself tresspassing and illegally building, I will remove you! This is why ownership of land in America and anywhere else means something. G.M. thinks that the Slovak Arian Nation is to blame… WHAT? Where does G.M. come from? If someone squatted on your home country land and took your property away, would you not fight? It is just a shame that these once traveling bands of families had to settle down in a country due to huge walls built to keep them in.. On the other hand, now they are here, so how do we deal with the illegal settlements? Not evicting them, there has to be a plan to relocate! Send them all to Lunik IX in Kosice and see if they are welcomed! This is where they can be with their own society!

    1. EXPAT – I can’t comment on US law but it is common in many countries that prolonged occupation of land, without any objection by the true owner, can lead to “aquisition by occupation or cultivation”. I obtained some land by this means in the UK. Whilst agree, people should not be allowed to set up home on someones property, I believe the owner has a responibility, in the first instance, to protect his own property. There is no suggestion the Roma tore down fences to get to the land or that the original objected from from day one of the occupation. If the Roma have been on that land for a long time, which appears to be the case, then aquisition by occupation may apply.
      The previous owners lack of action maybe down to him obtaining unrecorded payments from the Roma occupants – quite possible.
      As to Kotleba, his agenda is well publicised and his proposed action has nothing to do with future land use and is purely racially motivated. His public anouncement of his intentions was a deliberate ploy to bring the pond life out of the woodwork with the potential of causing a public disorder incident – conspiring to plan, aid or commit a criminal act? The police, quite rightly stopped the action, but still had to deal with the thug supporters.
      I fully support the rights of property owners protecting their property as long as due process is followed. Kotlebas plan was to just destroy the homes with no consideration to the consequencies i.e. the re-housing of the evicted.
      As to how the problem of illegal settlements is resolved – numerous international reports have highlighted that successive Sk governments have shown little or no desire to address the issue, and until that changes there will be no progress.

  2. So a real damp squid of an event . Nazi Ayran Slowvak Yobs on one side, the Ayran Police Yobs on the other and lots of swearin and vulgar comments. The most exciting thing seen was when the Markiza Reporter had his mike stolen by a passing Nazi, who refused to return it .

    I not no wave of protest to MK on this forum . Kinda sums the Slowvaks up really.

  3. I hope the EU and all foreign governments send observers. A bit late for the BBC but maybe Fox or CNN will be there.

  4. Watch for the wave of protest from the Aryan Slowvaks against this action by Marian Kotleba. You watch as thousands of Slowvaks will be protesting outside Parliament this evening, protestin human rights to the President , emails will be sent to Fico, web forums will be flooded with pro Roma comment ………….errrrrrrrrrr NOT !

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