Fair-Play Alliance Campaigns For PM To Stop Harabin

The Fair-Play Alliance watchdog has launched a public appeal to Prime Minister Robert Fico to halt the possible re-election of Supreme Court and Judicial Council head Stefan Harabin for another term.

Supreme Court and Judicial Council chairman, Stefan Harabin (c) Martin Domok @ mdpix.sk

The campaign, entitled simply “Prime Minister, stop Stefan Harabin” was announced today at a press conference by head of the watchdog Zuzana Wienk, with an open letter to PM Fico, accompanied by a list of public figures who endorse the plea. Wienk refers to Harabin as the symbol of the sick judiciary in Slovakia and as not

The watchdog plans to use social networks to get people to rally their opinion about the re-election of Harbin to the helm of the country’s judiciary, presented as the voice of the people, as without the support of Fico’s ruling Smer-SD party, Harabin could not occupy the post again. Such a boycott is highly unlikely, however, as the relationship between Harabin and the Smer-SD party has been ticking along nicely for years.

The open letter to PM Fico, which citizens can sign online, demands that he exercise his powers and “wrench the judiciary from the influence of Harabin and others with similar ethics and values or perception of the judiciary”.

Among other things, the watchdog claims Harabin has prevented the passing of anti-corruption measures, is accused of cronyism in the selection and appointment of judges, and has repeatedly taken out lawsuits against the media and even other public institutions.



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  1. Whilst everone and the dog quite rightly is objecting to Toady’s re-election another dubious figure has been re-appointed to another key post. Hail Kovacik!, re-elected as Special Prosecutor. His political supporters have been keen to point out the gentleman’s qualities for the post but failed to mention why, during the past 14 years in office, he has failed to investigate any of the political scandals – Gorilla, SMER funding, etc. Reading between the lines of the glowing references he has received from those who he should be investigating, he is the right man for the job – does nothing except as he is told! Downwards, ever downwards!

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