Fair-play Alliance to access ‘notice board tender’ file

The Regional Court in Bratislava has judged that the Supreme Audit Office SR (NKU) will have to provide political watchdog Fair-play Alliance (AFP) with the dossier surrounding the so-called ‘notice board tender’.

In its press release, the AFP announced today that the Bratislava Regional Court had declared the information from the investigation public. The judgement is not yet binding, though, and an appeal could still be filed by the NKU.

The tender has been under investigation and this week interior minister Daniel Lipsic announced charges against two former construction ministers, Igor Stefanov and Marian Janusek (both SNS party nominees), and others over manipulation of the tender.

The AFP has been trying to get its hands on the documents for some time, approaching firstly the Ministry of Construction and then the NKU, which was investigating the case. Both refused to provide the information, with the excuse of the NKU being that the case was still under investigation.

The AFP was awarded the decision as the court judged that there were no grounds to make information inaccessible just because they were being used simultaneously by some authority.

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