Family of SMER’s ‘sponsor’ makes quick EUR 4.8 million profit

The recent discussions on stricter rules over political party financing proposed by ruling SaS party could be given more justification by a recent accusation regarding the Smer-SD party of Robert Fico.

An alleged member of Smer-SD recently contacted the Prosecutor General’s office, providing it with a list of party sponsors in 2006, the year that the party won the general elections. The list mentions three names specifically, together with the amounts that they allegedly ‘donated’.

Suspicions about special agreements have been aroused by the fact that the family of Lubomir Blasko, who donated SKK 32 million (EUR 1.06 million) to the party, started being pretty successful following the 2006 elections. For example, a company owned by Blasko’s relative Jozef Blasko called Korema made a quick profit of almost EUR 4.8 million from the sale of a building in Bratislava, which it had bought from state-owned Slovak Telekom for EUR 3.319 million. Ironically, it sold the building to another state-run organisation under the Economy Ministry, the Nuclear Decommissioning Company (JAVYS), for EUR 8.066 million just a few months later. Not a bad deal at all.

The source wished to remain anonymous and so Special Prosecutor Dusan Kovacik is refusing to disclose his name. The informant is now due to make a statement to the Anti-corruption Office sometime this week and current Economy Minister Juraj Miskov (SaS) said that he will be looking into the sale.

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