Farmers Want EUR 0.5 million for E-coli Outbreak

With the recent e-coli outbreak vegetable farmers throughout Europe saw their sales plummet and the EU is trying to make up for the damage caused by providing compensation to them, something that Slovak farmers have jumped on.

Slovak farmers have calculated the ‘outage’ that they suffered at the hands of the e-coli outbreak, and the bill for the European Commission comes to over EUR 500,000. This is the amount that Slovakia is requesting in compensation, but it is twice as high as the figure being demanded by the much larger Czech Republic, for instance.

The main premises for the demands of Slovak farmers is that they were forced to cut prices to the absolute minimum, while a large volume of cultivated crops either rotted in storage or had to be composted back into the land.

The European Commission has quite a job on its hands assessing all the requests, but it should manage to come up with specific figures and start handing out the money in November.

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  1. We have a joke among all my friends of Austrian nationality , that everything for non Slovak people is always charged in Slovakia, at THREE TIMES THE PRICE ….

    Let them eat cake I say ….

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