Fatal Crash Destroys Polish Family


photo (c) Takkk

A Polish family has been destroyed after a fatal car accident while making their way home from holiday through Slovakia.

SITA newswire reported today how the 44-year Pole crashed into an oncoming Polish truck in Cadca district, dying on site, while his wife succumbed to her injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital. They were returning from holiday in Croatia with their 11-yr old daughter, who is now in hospital with serious injuries.

The husband probably dozed off at the wheel after the long journey, as he swayed onto the opposite lane into the truck.


  1. a story like this should be delivered with tact and sensitivity.
    Don’t see what ‘politically correct’ has to do with it.
    As for the ‘Christian weeping souls”….a human tragedy like this doesn’t need edge: the bare facts themselves are more than enough.
    Strange semi-rant……from previous poster.

    1. ” A story like this should be delivered with tact and sensitivity…. ???”

      Who says so , YOU ,…. and who the hell are YOU ?????

      Another God will save us all sensitive person ??

      The fact is, we as a people deal with ( tragic as they are ) stories like this every day like sweet cake….perhaps with a bit more graffic detail in the actual reporting , ie , body parts severed, heads missing , blood splattered everywhere and kids left in hospital now without parents etc , ……….rather than a whoosie , Oh whoops some poor person just ‘died’ in car accident,…….. may make people think about the consequences of driving too far, for too long and without a proper breaks ( or saving money, by not staying at a hotel over night on a long trip) and some poor family entire lives may even be saved .

      BTW ….Heaven forbid you poor guys should feel ‘uncomfortable’ in a tragic news report . Semi rant over ……..

      1. Well, if someone asks ‘who the hell are you?’ there’s no point in engaging in any rational debate.

        1. poor david, ……….See no evil, hear no evil, date no evil.

  2. Am I the only one to feel slightly uneasy about the phrase “smashed to bits” being used in this human context. Never seen this in any native-speaking paper about any such comparable incident. I think it strikes a slightly discordant, unpleasant tone, especially when a more elegant, discreet and sensitive phrase like “succumbed to her injuries” appears in the same piece.

    1. Yes, apologies. It has been edited now.

      1. Not sure why you bothered to edit it ?…..is this website now in the hands of the politically correct, the Christian weeping souls or the plain over mad, village idiot sensitive ?

        Better to have some story ‘with edge’ that is actually read , rather than the school essay and lecture reporting ( copied from TSAR , SITA etc ) we get from the Spectator that send us all to …..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz !

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