Fico attacks new coalition’s internal disputes

Robert Fico

Today, 29 July, head of opposition party Smer-SD and former PM, Robert Fico, has expressed his concerns about the fragile development within the ruling Coalition. He was referring in particular to the dispute brought on by the Obycajni ludia faction of the ruling SaS party, saying they were a troublesome bunch that was trying to push ahead with its demands.

In his opinion, current developments do not fare well for Slovakia and the country is heading off on a path with many pitfalls and unstable elements. He rhetorically asked journalists how the Coalition wanted to guarantee stability and pass constitutional laws when it even has to negotiate with four of its own lawmakers.

“How can a government with individuals like Matovic talk about fighting corruption? All he’s interested in is to boost his own business value,” said Fico. Fico feels that new PM Iveta Radicova will have to deal with the problem, saying: “She must have known what she was getting in to, and if she didn’t, then she was being very naive”. He also reiterated his earlier statements that the new coalition is not a four-party one, but a six-party one. The other ‘mini-party’ he referred to is the group of conservative OKS members who got into parliament on the slate of the Most-Hid party.

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