Fico: Coalition Should Stop Passing Laws

Opposition party Smer-SD of Robert Fico is probably content in the knowledge that it has a good chance of victory in the early elections called for March 2012, and so it is happy to sit back in the opposition bench and work its demands from there.

coalition still functioning somehow (c) NRSR

Nevertheless, Fico is not happy with how the coalition is still managing to pass laws with a full consensus in the coalition, as he thought it would be enough that his party is refusing to support government proposals for them not to be passed. He said at a press conference today that the coalition should stop immediately as the laws would probably only have to be reverted back or cancelled in the end anyway.

Fico’s party is hailing to have co-authored the draft Act on Budgetary Responsibility, though, and so is willing to put its stamp of approval on that. As it is a constitutional law, it needs 90 MPs in parliament to vote in its favour, something the broken coalition could never manage.

Nevertheless, the biggest chip on the table just now is the budget for next year, which is crucial for stability of the Slovak economy and its rating. Smer-SD will not be lending its support to that, though, calling instead for the coalition to sort out its own mess.

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  1. yes, thank you mr. Fico for giving our money to germany and france .. u should go somewhere and not be PM .. i just let down all of your people .. THANK YOU ..

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