Fico: Having a Joint is No Way to Make Legislation

PM Robert Fico is still clinging to the label he put on the liberal Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party as a group of pot smokers, as they have always supported the decriminalisation of marijuana.

Slovak Parliament (c) The

Remarking on a legislative proposal from the SaS party on reducing the number of MPs (from 150 to 100) and on their criminal immunity, Fico said he rejected how “It was easy-peasy to have a joint over dinner and then take a decision”, adding that it was disrespectful to the Constitution.

Head of the SaS party Richard Sulik reacted by saying the remarks of the Prime Minister were undignified and hardly fitting for a PM. Sulik said the comments were just a way of drawing attention away from how Fico’s Smer-SD party has no solutions to the country’s serious economic problems.

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  1. What a statesman! Name calling already! He reduces the difficult task ahead of him and his government to a playground game. Does anyone take this guy seriously? Sulik is right, Bobby no Mates talks the talk but doesn’t explain how he’s going to do it. Meanwhile he is more preoccupied putting his nodding dogs in place so he can get back to business as usual Smer style. Taxing the high earners, the big companies and the banks is all well and good but what is he going to do when they all leave the country? I hope he doesn’t plan to take the country to the cleaners and hope the EU will bail him out.

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