Fico may go after head of interior minister Lipsic

Lipsic being targeted (c) The Daily

Chairman of opposition party Smer-SD, Robert Fico, has now announced that his party might call for a no-confidence vote in interior minister Daniel Lipsic.

Ironically, Fico and his party would do this based on accusations that Lipsic unduly pressurised the investigator in the case of possible parallel financing of Fico’s Smer-Sd party, involving a recording that is alleged to contain Robert Fico’s voice.

It was current Attorney General Dobroslav Trnka (who is backed fully by the Smer-SD party to be remain in office) that set the ball in motion two weeks ago after claiming that Lipsic and police chief Jaroslava Spisiak had been pushing on the investigator. Lipsic retaliated by calling Trnka a liar.

The Smer-SD financing case was halted by special prosecutor Dusan Kovacik, and although Robert Fico has categorically denied to date that the recording contains his voice, he is now saying it could be, and the recording could have been stitched together.

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