Fico points finger at PM Radicova

photo (c) The Daily

Head of opposition party Smer-SD, Robert Fico, declared at a press conference yesterday that PM Iveta Radicova is now party to the case of allegged illegal financing of her SDKU party. His claims are based on the fact that she allowed Igor Kucej to be voted in again as the SDKU party treasurer, as Kucej was at the centre of the whole affair concerning possible illegal financing.

Fico is accusing the PM that if she helped get Kucej in to the post, it is because she had no other choice and needed someone skilled enough to deal with the whole complicated affair. Kucej is a businessman who admits having lent money to the SDKU on several occasions, while Fico points out that most of the communication in the case leads to him.

The PM already said earlier this year that she felt no personal attachment to the case and distanced herself from it as it was history, having occurred 10 years ago.

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