Fico: Radicova is Running Away From Her Failure

Robert Fico and Robert Kalinak of Smer-SD will be sharpening their knives for no-confidence vote

PM Radicova’s decision not to candidate with SDKU in the March 2012 elections can be easily explained says leader of opposition party Smer-SD, Robert Fico.

Fico spoke shortly after Radicova had announced her plan not to candidate, saying she was running from her own failure, both personally and politically. Fico added that Iveta Radicova was running from the idea that in March 2012 she would, among other things, have to explain to voters why Slovakia has the worst unemployment since 2005.

Former PM Fico continued in his criticism of Radicova, referring to her as a weak prime minister who was unable to govern, saying how for his Smer-SD party she was the symbol of failure. He also expressed his conviction that a better and stronger government would be formed after the March elections, able to “meet domestic and European challenges”.

If background rumours are true that Fico and Radicova are both hoping to run for the presidential post in 2014, or possibly earlier, then Fico would once again have to face Radicova as his main adversary, but time will tell if the rumours have any substance.

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