Fico says SNS and the coalition are in secret agreement for key FNM post

Former prime minister Robert Fico has raised suspicions that MPs of the Slovak National Party (SNS) have made a secret agreement with the government coalition about the upcoming secret election of the Supervisory Board chairman of the National Property Fund (FNM). Fico said that “If an SNS nominee is elected, this will show clearly that an agreement was made between the ruling coalition and the SNS party”.

If this happens, Fico has promised to tear the coalition to shreds. The former PM revealed to journalists that intensive discussions are taking place between the SNS and the SDKU-DS in particular, proof of which can also be seen in the parliamentary voting, with him quoting as an example the support that SNS vice-chair Anna Belousovova and her party colleague Igor Stefanov gave to the proposal to restrict MP immunity.

Fico didn’t forget to praise his party’s candidate for this key post, Jan Valko, referring to him as an experienced expert. The other candidates are Lubomir Neslusal (SNS), Bertalan Bon (Most-Hid) and Jaroslav Ivan (KDH).

The National Property Fund is the body that exercises shareholder rights on behalf of the government in several strategic companies, and the Supervisory Board must approve all its decisions.

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