Fico Sets Up No-Confidence Guillotine for PM Radicova

Robert Fico and Robert Kalinak of Smer-SD will be sharpening their knives for no-confidence vote

Former PM and head of main opposition party Robert Fico will be flexing his muscles on Tuesday when he tries to push through a no-confidence vote in Parliament against Prime Minister Iveta Radicova.

For some time now Fico has been sharp-tongued toward PM Radicova, calling her incompetent, weak, and not able to run the country, among other things. The special parliamentary session convened for the evening of Tuesday 13 September will likely end up being another excuse for mutual mud-slinging, but the coalition should hold the PM in place.

Fico and his Smer-SD party got the session convened with an easy 30 MP signatures, which is only half of their troops in parliament.

Among other things, Fico is pointing to various cases of crony or corrupt practices right under Radicova’s nose, like the Osrblie biathlon financing case involving her former advisor or the much-criticised affair over the rental of tax office premises from her party colleague. Fico  says she has totally failed morally and so has no right to be Prime Minister.

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