Fico: Slovakia Net Recipient of EUR 14B from EU in 2014-20

Slovakia will come out a net recipient of EU funds for the 2014-20 term, with a surplus of almost EUR 14 billion between payments of EUR 6.78 billion and receipts of EUR 20.3 billion from the funds.

Prime Minister Robert Fico (c) The Daily.SK

The news was announced yesterday by Prime Minister Robert Fico at a press conference, after the EU Parliament set the Union’s budget for the period. Fico underlined how Slovakia would struggle financially if it were not for the EU funds, which he says make up “almost 76 percent of all public investment” in the country.”

PM Fico also boasted how Slovakia had received an exemption, along with Romania, to extend the term for the completion of EU-funded projects, which was increased to three years instead of two based on the request of the two countries. Fico claimed that the country could have lost around EUR 500 million if the exemption had not been granted.


  1. I am Prince Robin Hood from Bongo, Bongo land. I was told I can trust you Sir . I have this lost EUR 14 Billion, locked in This Third World account which I am not allow to transfer to anyone in my country, but if you send me your Bank Account numberin London I would transfer all 14 billion of to you today and you can then transfer it on to my account in Panama, less 20%, being your commission.

    Gosh , ring any bells ?

  2. I don’t know which is more disgraceful. The EU extending the draw down without any published conditions or BnM sat crowing about it.

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