Fico Threatens Sulik with Dismissal Vote

Not only is Robert Fico and his Smer-SD party planning a vote of no confidence on Prime Minister Iveta Radicova, but now they are threatening to do the same on parliamentary speaker Richard Sulik.

Richard Sulik comes under fire from Smer (c) The Daily

Smer-SD will initiate the process if Sulik doesn’t succumb to their demands over three legislative drafts that they put forward to be included in the parliamentary agenda, but which have been excluded to date.

Fico referred to Sulik as arrogant and of restricting the opposition from having its say, by excluding their proposals from the agenda last month. This would mean that the three drafts cannot be re-submitted for another six months according to the Rules of Procedure. Fico even pointed to how the coalition had discussed one of its own proposals that had previously been rejected, without respecting the six month revision period.

Sulik played down Fico’s threats, saying he wanted to find a common solution to the problem.

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