Fico vs Kiska in Weekend’s Presidential Elections

The latest poll conducted by the Focus agency for daily Hospodarske Noviny shows Andrej Kiska edging ever closer towards Prime Minister Robert Fico in this weekend’s presidential elections (15 March).

Prime Minister Robert Fico (c) The Daily.SK

Although Robert Fico enjoys an impressive 35% of the vote, according to the poll, Kiska now stands on 23.8%, meaning he would enter into the second round two weeks later. Kiska is followed by the young Radoslav Prochazka, who the poll attributes 9.9%. Other contenders are Milan Knazko and Pavol Hrusovsky, but the gap behind the two leaders may be too large to close.

Knazko, a well-known actor, is starting to gain, though, thanks to the televised debates broadcast recently, as he is no stranger to the screen and knows how to play on the people. He and Prochazka both dismiss the polls as not reflecting reality and so both still have high hopes in the elections this weekend.

Andrej Kiska has come under attack recently, with an anti-campaign smearing his name (he filed a criminal complaint) and attacks on his businesses, but so far he has withstood the heat. Kiska is expected to soak up the votes of the other candidates should he make it to the second round, and so could pose a real threat to PM Fico’s plan to occupy the presidential post.


  1. One would hope Kiska would win. Anything to make some positive change.

  2. Guess Robing Fagin is getting a bit worried, got my ‘unnamed’ flyer today, casting all manner of aspersions against Kiska!

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