Fico wants debate on motorway construction

Head of opposition party Smer-SD and former PM, Robert Fico, has accused the current government of having no concept for the construction of motorway infrastructure in the country, and so is calling for a special sessions in parliament to discuss the issue.

At the session they plan to grill transport minister Jan Figel about concrete details of when, where and how much, as the government manifesto only touches on this area. Fico also claimed that a PPP project for a 75-km stretch of motorway was cancelled by the government on political grounds. He says it was because of the involvement of companies that are allegedly close to the former government.

In response to why he had such an interest in the issue, Fico expressed his belief that the current government would not last the 4-year term in office and so it would fall back to him to deal with motorway construction after resuming power.

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