Fico wants Sulik to be recalled as parliamentary chairman over referendum

Head of the opposition Robert Fico (SMER-SD) is calling for parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik (SaS) to be recalled from the post.

Fico held a press conference at which he said: “We will start taking all steps to convene an extraordinary session with the motion to recall him. What Mr. Sulik is doing is endangering the political system and grossly undermining democracy. Smer cannot respect a person in the post of chairman of the National Council who has confused his position in politics with irresponsible self-entertainment”.

Fico was angry that the SaS had not nominated anyone to the Central Election Commission for the referendum, which the SaS party had called for. “How he is acting with regard to the referendum is complete ridicule of the Constitution and the people” claimed Fico, who went on to criticise Sulik and his party for various other reasons as well.

Vice-chair of the only other opposition party (nationalist SNS), Anna Belousovova, told news wire TASR that the attempt by Smer-SD to recall the parliamentary chairman Richarda Sulik was a mere political manoeuvre because the coalition is functional and so he will not be recalled anyway.  She agreed with Fico, though, about certain issues, including the wasting of EUR 7 million of public money for a pointless referendum, which she said was a continuation of their electoral campaign.

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