Fico Welcomes EU Freeze of Sanctions Against Russia

Prime Minister Robert Fico welcomes the decision of the EU to halt any further economic sanctions against Russia over the Ukrainian conflict for the time being, saying it was reasonable.

At a press conference yesterday, Fico said there was no longer any motivation for the EU to impose a third round of sanctions, given the developments of late and Russia’s retraction of troops from along  the Ukrainian border. He added that harsh economic sanctions against Russia would adversely affect the Slovak economy.

Fico’s statements come after a meeting of European leaders in Brussels, who made a plea to Russia to exert its influence on pro-Russian separatists to ease tensions. Some 50 rebels were killed over the past few days, after President-elect Petro Poroshenko took a hard line against the separatists who had taken over Donetsk airport.

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  1. While the Russians now enjoy the good old days of the Soviet era and now have to queue outside empty shops for basic food items, can’t get spares for their Gulfstreams and Audis, and the Ruble isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on – Putin’s sanctions on the EU have got the whining politicians here scaremongering – lots if’s, but’s and maybe’s no real facts. “Cheap food will flood the home market” – good news for the hard pressed citizens, “No Russian tourists” – seen as a bonus by many, ” Can’t get spares for our obsolete military kit” – never bought any before, so what’s the problem? “Could be a gas shortage” – turn the communal heating down from tropical to comfortable and wear another jumper.
    Any attempt to secure new markets for Slovak goods?, hotel rooms? etc, Nah!, easier to moan and whinge than to actually take some real action.

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