Fico’s Government Approves its Manifesto

The majority government of Robert Fico has finally approved its Manifesto for its four year term of office, but many details are still lacking and there are no major surprises.

PM Robert Fico happy with Manifesto

Now it will be submitted to parliament on 2 May for approval, where Fico’s Smer-SD party enjoys 83 from 150 seats.

TheDaily has an English translation of the preliminary draft, and can prepare a full version of the final version for anyone interested.

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  1. That’s a new and unexpected twist to SK politics. Bobby no Mates spends nearly two years on the opposition benches, enters and wins a majority in an election, forms his government and THEN formulates his vague manifesto. Sounds a bit ” arse about face” if you’ll pardon the Yorkshire expression.

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