EC rejects Figel’s plan for motorway funding

The plans of Jan Figel’s transport ministry to switch the use of EU funds to the Operational programme – Transport from other areas has hit on a major stumbling block.

Transport minister Figel was relying heavily on the move being endorsed by the European Commission as a way of dealing with the slow progress and financial problems in the construction of motorways.

Now the European Commission has said it does not share Figel’s view and so is not so certain of it being a good idea. It has called on the transport minister to use what money he has first and then come back to see what can be done.

After meeting with EC Secretary-General Catherine Day on Tuesday, Figel had to announce that the Commission has its reserves about the concept of reallocating between operational programmes, but that it was not against shifts from withing the OP – Transport.

The amount available through internal transfers is limited, however, and so now opposition leader Robert Fico has come out with guns blazing, claiming the current government has totally failed where the construction of motorways is concerned.

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