Figel puts off merger of post and telecom regulators

The Ministry of Transport has decided to merge two regulatory authorities into one in an attempt to cut costs and streamline the regulation in both sectors, in line with a plan originally proposed in 2005.

Transport minister Jan Figel (c) The Daily)

The Ministry wants to merge the postal regulator PRU and the telecommunications regulator TU with effect from January 2013, but the government decided not to include the issue in the agenda of its meeting yesterday.

The merger proposal was supposed to be ready by the end of this year, but transport minister Jan Figel has said that the beginning of 2013 would make more logical sense.

According to an analysis, the merger could save around EUR 74,000 a year in salaries alone, but the original date of January 2012 has been put off because of other legislative revisions that come into force in the run-up to that date.

Another reason for putting off the merger is that substantial changes and strategic measures are set to take place at both regulators this year and so any process of transformation would interfere with these plans..

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